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Adhesive Removing Pliers 205-206

Superior tip design allows easy access to remove excessadhesive after debonding. Double ended replac..

Bird Beak Pliers TC

The most popular and versatile plier for working with round wire up to .028” (.71mm). The round beak..

Bird Beak Pliers with Cutter

A versatile instrument that bends and cuts archwires  up to .022" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm..


Removes brackets easily by holding the side of the bracket in a horizontal position or under th..

Cinch Back

New and improved Cinch BackThe lower tip of the plier has beencontoured to enable you to place thein..

Cinch Back – Large Wire

The serrated tips of this instrumenthold the wire securely while bendingthe wire 90º distally to the..

Clear Aligner The Hole Punch

The Hole Punch is used to create half-moon cutouts for relief of clear aligners around bonded b..

Clear Aligner The Horizontal

 The Horizontal instrument produces an indentation to accent individual root torque. It al..

Clear Aligner The Tear Drop

Clear Aligner The Tear Drop.An instrument created to add a notch at the gingival margin of clea..

Clear Aligner The The Vertical

The Vertical emphasizes over-correction of rotations by producing an indentation at the mesial ..