Bonding Instruments

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Ligature Director Double (204-116)

This instrument is very useful when tucking or pushing elastics. The dual straight and curved end..


Handy pencil-sized twist holder loads at the flick of a finger, firmly holds all pre-twisted and ..

Ligature Tier (204-106)

This instrument is designed for faster and easier placement of elastic ligature ties on all sty..

Mershon Band Pusher (200-104)

Used for seating and burnishing bands into their final position. Cold sterilized. ..


Fill the NiTi Ice Instrument with water and freeze. The light weight compact design allows for pin-p..

Positive Positioner (206-106)

For precise placement of posterior direct bond attachments. Lightweight design, spring release ..

Schure Band Seater (204-108)

This double ended instrument has a square and serrated end for pushing and seating molar bands,..

Standard Bracket Holder (202-110)

Reverse action holds brackets and tubes without finger pressure for easier bonding. ..

Swivel Head Bracket Positioner (203-110)

This stainless steel positioning device features four bracket height measurements: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 ..