Precision matched concave and convex tips for smooth contouring of light wire loops. Contours and fo..
Precision tapered beaks allow intricate bends  and loops in archwires up to .020" (.51 mm)..
Excellent for precise archwire bending and forming of loops. The fine serrations on the square ..
Safely and easily removes steel, ceramic, and plastic direct  bond brackets and remaining ..
Cinches and bends NiTi archwire distal to buccal tube.  Archwires up to .025" (.63 mm)..
The fine tips on this model allow access into hard-to-reach areas. Designed to cut soft-archwir..
Bends and forms NiTi and all other  archwires up to .020" (.51 mm)...
A versatile instrument that bends and cuts archwires  up to .022" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm..